Our Expertise

Beehive Consulting , Building your Business

Build strategies, build confidence and build your business with Beehive Consulting. Empower your business with the latest in technological innovation that focuses on streamlining your business processes, saving you time and increasing your returns. Beehive Consulting provides you with Southern Africas biggest names in digital and business transformation consulting.

What We Do

Project Management

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we will provide you with the highest skilled consultants, specialised in your industry, to help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from growing or prepare your business for the digital and online landscape. Our Project Management experts meticulously analyse your business and intimately develop fool-proof solutions for any project undertaking you may have.

Private Equity

It is our strategy to grow organically and through acquisition and/or private equity. We believe in taking stakes in partners that we are closely aligned with, which is of benefit to both parties and ultimately in the interests of our mutual customers. By partnering up with Beehive Consulting and the Transformation Capital Group, you not only benefit from the consulting we have to offer but gain access to a vast number of resources aimed at growing and empowering your business.

Business Solutions

Looking to modernise your business with the latest in tech development? We specialise in empowering businesses with proven solutions that boost efficiency, increase return, and provide your customers with real value. From digital-automation to software solutions for almost all business processes, we will transform your business into what it could be. We are all about growth and building success and want you to grown with us, you can’t beat it, so join the beast that is, Beehive Consulting.

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